Blasting systems

Blasting systems and different blasting media

Our three different media developed together with the equipment is carefully tested to perform and achive repetability and quality.


In the cleaning step a glass-beed based media is used to get a perfect part cleaned and ready for any dying method on the market. The blasting media is developed to get a perfect pitch-dark black dying or any vibrant colour for SLS.

Cleaning and Colouring

With this blasting media you can go from uncleaned “potatoes” to a product with an even dark grey colour. This is possible thanks to the purity in the blasting media delivered by the CCP-1. This is a very environmentally friendly alternative since dying with liquid requires a lot of toxic chemicals. This colouring way is not applicable for SLS


To get dyed or coloured parts a glossy surface finish. Also fixate any discoloration.