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AM industry is today rapidly growing and developing. New more efficient 3D-printing technologies like HP Jet Fusion (MJF) and SLS produce enormous amounts of parts each day. Stratasys have launched their powderbed system called SAF. And VoxelJet recently released their technology HSS.  Together they produce vast amounts of parts. And all parts needs to be cleanded and post-processed efficiently. 


Our systems are automized and scalable. Efficiently producing high quality post-processed parts with repeatability. 


We are developing and manufacturing the most cost- and production- efficient cleaning, coloring, dye, and polishing equipment for the AM market.

AM Efficiency

For AM


When developing our equipment AM is used both for prototyping and production of many parts in the machine. This gives us the benefits of being able to constantly develop and evolve. Also keeping a digital warehouse of all spare parts produced with AM. Making all parts to be available anywhere in the world within hours.

AM Efficiency


To acheve an efficient workflow we have created a system with production drums. Where each batch easily can be transported for each step of the post processing.

AM Efficiency

Automated and

PLC Controlled

Fully automated programs for Cleaning, Coloring and Polishing. Each program is developed for most efficient process. Each program contains several steps of Blasting, Ionizing and vacuuming. Delivering parts free from dust or static electricity.

AM Efficiency


Be able to always produce with equal strength, color and properties

AM Efficiency


No, waist products and no toxic chemicals.

Our system is not just delivering efficient cleaning. It can also color parts with our unique “Cleaning and Coloring” blasting media. This way you will achieve an even dark gray finish. With no extra effort or impact on environment. This is an huge advantage applicable for HSS, SAF and MJF technology. SLS will still need to use traditional liquid dying chemicals. Since SLS are more porous and need deeper penetration.

AM Efficiency

Patent pending

Our equipment have a unique patented extraction and separation system. This gives our system a huge advantage in several ways. Since cleaning of powder-bed produced 3D-parts means to remove quite large volumes of loose powder. Something traditional bead blasting systems are not designed for. You don’t want this powder to be mixed with the blasting media, since then You can’t guarantee repeatability in your production. Our systems guarantee 99% separation and clean blasting media. Separated waste material can then also be better recycled.

AM Efficiency


No mater if You have just one smaller inhouse 3D-printer or a large scale service bureau with multiple macines offering printservice in several materials and options. Our machinery are flexible and can be used for several different operations such as Cleaning, Coloring or Polishing. Since our blasting media always are kept pure. We can easy change the blasting media to be flexible. Or move your production batch kept in the drums to different dedicated postprocessing stages.

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