FROM AM Efficiency

AM Post-process Cleaning

Introducing our specialized bead blast post-processing powder, meticulously crafted for cleaning 3D printed parts. Comprising primarily of glass beads in carefully balanced sizes, our media ensures optimal cleaning performance while facilitating efficient recycling in our units.

When utilized in our machines, this powder guarantees a flawlessly cleaned surface, ready for subsequent post-processing steps such as dyeing. Experience unparalleled cleaning efficacy and surface preparation with our advanced bead blast media.

AM Post-process Cleaning & Coloring

Introducing our innovative powder designed for dual post-processing functions—cleaning and coloring—specifically tailored for grey or dark 3D printed parts. Our media consists primarily of finely balanced particles infused with a AMdark pigment, ensuring superior cleaning performance while imparting a rich, darker tone to the parts.

Experience an evenly greyish, aesthetically pleasing surface tone achieved through a unique peel shoot effect, where the pigment is embedded into the surface during the process. This entirely dry process offers a sustainable alternative to traditional methods, eliminating the need for toxic chemicals and preventing the generation of contaminated wastewater.

Our media boasts a lifespan of 5-10 batches before degradation, ensuring cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Additionally, its balanced composition facilitates seamless recycling within our units. While the fine particle size of the pigment fraction may create a ”dusty” environment during use, rest assured that our powder remains harmless and environmentally sustainable.

Transform your post-processing workflow with our advanced powder, delivering impeccable results while prioritizing sustainability and efficiency.

AM Post-process Polishing

Introducing our cutting-edge powder formulated for polishing 3D printed parts, ideal for application following the cleaning stage. Our media features a specially balanced blend of polymer powder or beads, meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional polishing results.

Experience a transformative process where surface imperfections are smoothed out, and peaks are removed through a precise peel shot technique. Simultaneously, surface porosities are sealed, resulting in a glossy, durable, and scratch-resistant finish.

Perfect for use as a final step after liquid dyeing, ”cleaning and coloring,” coating, and various other applications, our polishing powder enhances the appearance and durability of 3D printed parts.

Elevate your post-processing workflow with our advanced powder, delivering impeccable polishing results and enhancing the overall quality of your parts.